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Leading Integrator, Value-Adder & Distributor in Flat Panel Displays

IDS is a leading integrator, value-adder and distributor in flat panel displays. With offices in California and Taiwan, they have a strong network of display technologies and distribution logistics to accommodate all kinds of display demands. Their supply chains cover from STN monochrome to AMOLED and 3D displays that are customizable to all sizes and shapes. IDS localized production line and service center is able to deliver high quality display modification and troubleshooting as well.
- Value-add services such as: Endurance Bond, LED Backlighting, Glare Management & More!
- Turnkey display solutions with video ports, single board computers and Metal frames/enclosures
- Distributor with logistic and stock inventory services of Ampire, Innolux, KOE, PowerTip & More!
- Design & Manufacture Custom Displays


4”x 4”x 2” Mini PCs with Intel Inside® bringing full PC capability to small spaces. Simply NUC takes the hassle and confusion out of the Intel NUC (Next Unit of Computing) ecosystem. We provide expert advice, testing, service, warranty and support of Intel NUC kits, systems and accessories and can also build and support customized solutions. Start working without wires, replace your end-of-life PCs, drive multiple displays, power digital signage, and more.

Wall plug in AC/DC, DC/DC power supplies, custom battery packs, LED switching power supplies, linear adapters, constant current chargers, power cords, cord sets wire, plug cable and connectors.

Hall Sensors linear, angular, programmable and nonprogrammable Gas Sensor ICs and Automotive Controllers


USB Audio Codecs, Speaker on a Chip ICs, HD PC Audio and HD PC audio modem combo embedded modems, Intractive Display appliances and Printer, MFP, Fax Imaging SOC Solutions

High power AC to DC and DC to DC standard and customized Switching Power Supplies.

Divider, & Counters
Lighting Controls ICs
AC, DC, Stepper Motor Control ICs
Incremental Encoder Interface
Digital, Analog and Mixed Signal ASIC's

SMD Chokes, Coils, Inductors, Hall Effect Sensors, EMI Filters, SMD Antennas, High Current Transformers, Planar Transformers, Planar Inductors, PLC's, Ceramic/Ferrite Chip Inductors

A full range of standard and custom antennas from 150mhz to 2.4Ghz, RF cables, and accessories, skywave can provide an entire solution.

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